Maxwell’s Invitation to Sea Life Centre

Join us on Tuesday 12th January 10.30am

Merlin’s Magic Wand are inviting Maxwell along with his family to a very special day at Brighton Sea Life Center. As well as a personal tour where they will meet and learn about all the creatures up close and personal. The organisation will also be naming their newest shark Maxwell, as a testament to the bravery shown by Maxwell through the years of treatment that he has received.

As part of Brighton Sea life’s shark breeding program they will be transferring a 2m long Zebra shark from their quarantine area and introducing him to Dotty, who has enjoyed swimming in their ocean display for over 10 years. As both of these Zebra sharks are now mature they hope to be able to successfully breed these endangered sharks, and educate all their visitors about what they can all do to protect this amazing species of shark in the wild. During this transfer process from Quarantine into their 1 million litre ocean display, Maxwell will be able to get close enough to touch this male shark, and at that point they will officially name him Maxwell in his honour!