Maxwell's Build

Maxwell is a little boy and is connected to a life support machine, which ventilates him 24 hours a day because he struggles to breathe by himself. He currently lives on the ground floor of the family home, where there is space for the elaborate network of wires and machines that he needs to survive. He needs a safe environment where the room is scrupulously clean.

Why does he need this?

Mitochondrial Disease causes extreme muscle weakness, a respiratory disorder and visual problems. Maxwell relies on a ventilator to breathe and a tracheostomy with ties, which requires changing daily. He will be dependent on this system for the rest of his life.

Maxwell's home

With the donations raised for Maxwell, planning permission was granted for his Granny's garage to be converted into a safe home, where bugs and viruses can be kept at bay, enabling him to live with his parents and carers.

Maxwell Build

Maxwell’s friends and family are planning a number of activities to raise funds to help support his ongoing care. If you are able to help in any way, e.g. donating time, a venue for an event, doing a sponsored event, please contact us.